Yoga Therapy Specialist

Matteo Pelligrini

Matteo Pelligrini

Starts at 8.35€

Beginner's Yoga Workshops 8.35 €
Advanced Yoga Practice 13.45 €
Yoga for Stress Reduction 11.37 €
Yoga for Flexibility and Mobility 9.45 €
Yoga for Strength and Toning 10.47 €
Yoga for Rehabilitation 10.67 €

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Service Information

Hello, I'm a Yoga teacher and in addition to Asanas and Mudras, I also focus on Mantras and Meditation.

During my classes, the main goal is to inspire and help students to move forward in their inner journey through my passion. In addition to the physical practice.

With lots of proven benefits, a short yoga to your life can bring you a huge difference.


What are the benefits of practicing Yoga:

- Mental clarity

- Stress relief

- Weight loss


Here are the services:

- Beginner's Yoga Workshops

- Yoga for Rehabilitation

- Yoga for Flexibility and Mobility

- Yoga for Stress Reduction

- Advanced Yoga Practice


If you have any other specific requests or questions, please don't hesitate to write to me.

Offering Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation, and Pranayama. Beginners to intermediate classes available.

Classes can be customized as per your requirements and goals.

Join yoga sessions for mindful living.

Matteo Pelligrini

Matteo Pelligrini

Dear seeker, 

I am Matteo Pelligrini, a 100H-qualified yoga teacher in multiple styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga. I tailor my sessions to cater to practitioners of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Moreover, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation are also among the main techniques.

Together, we will explore the areas in your life where you feel stuck or uncertain.

Using personalized questions and exercises, I will help you deepen your self-awareness and develop a plan of action for your self-development.

I am honored to be a part of your journey towards greater joy, fulfillment, and inner peace.

With gratitude and blessings

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