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Selma Jeanette

Selma Jeanette

Starts at 9.67€

Workshops and Retreats 12.56 €
Meditation and Mindfulness 10.32 €
Yoga for Special Populations 13.14 €
Personalized Yoga Plans 11.45 €
Online Yoga Classes 9.67 €

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Service Information

Hi! I'm Selma, from Austria. I'm a certified 500-hour yoga teacher.


My Expertise and Competencies:


  1. Yoga Styles

  2. Meditation and Mindfulness

  3. Alignment and Posture

  4. Breathing Techniques

  5. Yoga Philosophy


What I will share with you:


- Online Yoga Classes: Join live virtual yoga classes from the comfort of your home, where Selma guides you through yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation.

- Personalized Yoga Plans: Receive customized yoga plans tailored to your goals, whether it's flexibility, strength, stress reduction, or overall well-being.

- Yoga for Special Populations: Selma offers specialized classes for seniors, pregnant individuals, and those with specific health concerns, ensuring safe and effective practice for all.

- Meditation and Mindfulness: Explore meditation and mindfulness sessions to cultivate mental clarity, inner peace, and emotional balance.

- Workshops and Retreats: Join online workshops and yoga retreats that delve deeper into specific aspects of yoga practice, philosophy, and holistic well-being.

Why me?

1. Proficient in online teaching platforms and video conferencing tools, ensuring a seamless and interactive virtual yoga experience.

2. Offering pre-recorded yoga sessions for flexibility in scheduling and live online classes for real-time guidance and support.

3. Utilizes high-quality video and audio equipment to provide clear and immersive online yoga sessions.

"Join me on the mat and start your yoga journey today!"

Selma Jeanette

Selma Jeanette

I'm Selma, and here I am to become your dedicated and experienced Online Yoga Instructor, committed to helping you find balance, strength, and serenity through the transformative practice of yoga.

I hold a Yoga Alliance certification and have completed advanced training in yoga philosophy, anatomy, and teaching methodologies.


With 7 years of professional experience, I have:


- Conducted countless yoga classes and workshops, guiding students of various ages and skill levels on their yoga journeys.

- Collaborated with yoga studios, wellness centers, and online platforms, sharing her expertise with a diverse range of individuals.

- Hosted yoga retreats and holistic wellness programs, offering immersive experiences that foster physical and mental rejuvenation.

Whether you're a beginner looking to start your yoga journey or an experienced yogi seeking to deepen your practice, I invite you to experience the profound physical and mental wellness path.

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Lisa Keller

Lisa Keller

Practicing yoga with this instructor has been transformative. Their guidance is calming and inspiring, and I always feel rejuvenated after each session. Whether you're a beginner or advanced yogi, I highly recommend their classes.

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