Personal stylist

Erzsi Dalma

Erzsi Dalma

Starts at 16.45€

Fashion Workshops 21.56 €
Virtual Styling Services 19.46 €
Seasonal Updates 17.37 €
Shopping Assistance 20.34 €
Special Occasion Styling 18.59 €
Wardrobe Audits 16.45 €

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Service Information

Hello and welcome to my page!


This service is for you if: 


- You have a closet full of clothes yet you don't find anything to wear

- You don't know anything about clothes and styling


Personal Styling and Shopping services will assist you in understanding your personal style in a better way and also save money and time. 


Services Offered:


- Personal Styling Consultations: Schedule one-on-one styling sessions with Erzsi to receive personalized advice on outfit selection, clothing combinations, and accessorizing.

- Wardrobe Audits: Erzsi conducts thorough wardrobe audits, assisting you in decluttering your closet, identifying pieces to keep, donate, or repurpose, and creating a streamlined wardrobe.

- Special Occasion Styling: Whether it's a wedding, job interview, or special event, Erzsi provides expert styling for important occasions to ensure you look and feel your best.

- Shopping Assistance: Enjoy guided shopping trips with Erzsi, where she helps you find clothing and accessories that align with your style and fit your body type.

- Seasonal Updates: Stay fashion-forward with seasonal wardrobe updates and personalized shopping recommendations to keep your style current.

- Virtual Styling Services: Erzsi offers virtual styling consultations and online shopping assistance, making her expertise accessible to clients worldwide.

- Fashion Workshops: Explore fashion workshops and seminars led by Erzsi, offering insights into fashion trends, style evolution, and wardrobe essentials.


Embark on a fashion journey that celebrates your individuality and enhances your self-expression.

Drop me a message today!

Erzsi Dalma

Erzsi Dalma

Hello there,

My name is Erzsi and I hope you are doing well. 

I work as a Personal Stylist helping you discover your unique style, boost your confidence, and present your best self to the world.

I have experience in various types of sewing projects ranging from quilting, clothing, and accessories to even beach sheets. 

Moreover, I used to work on styling clients for shoots and events. I also have experience in being a personal shopper where I help my clients in figuring out the perfect style for them.

Let's make the best version of yourself!

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