Clemens Kandel

Clemens Kandel

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Numerology is the divine relationship between a number and one or coinciding events occurring around us.

Analysis of date of birth vibration and name vibration and synchronization of both vibrations to give a boost to your life path for best output.


Here, I provide my guidance in the best possible way in your vital life decisions. 


My services include: 

- Education forecasting

- Career forecasting

- Health forecasting

- Life Partner forecasting

- Name analysis

- Numerological Forecasting



- Conducted numerology consultations for thousands of clients, assisting them in making life-altering decisions.

- Collaborated with businesses to rebrand and optimize their names for success.

- Taught numerology workshops and courses, empowering others to explore this ancient wisdom.


If you are looking for answers, please come here and I will make accurate predictions for your life. 

Your destiny awaits!

With blessings 

Clemens Kandel

Clemens Kandel


I am Clemens Kandel,

An expert in Vedic astrology in various branches with more than 11+ years of experience.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a focus on Numerical Analysis.

Moreover, I continue my education by pursuing specialized numerology courses and workshops, gaining a deep understanding of the metaphysical aspects of numbers.

Ready to unlock the secrets hidden within your numbers?

Contact me today for a personalized numerology consultation and embark on a journey of self-discovery and success.

With Love & Blessings

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Maria Santos

Maria Santos

I needed some documents translated urgently, and this platform delivered exceptional service. The translators were professional, accurate, and the turnaround time was impressive. Will definitely be using their services again in the future.

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