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Timéo Urbain

Timéo Urbain

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Mindset Coaching 5.79 €
Goal Setting and Planning 7.89 €
Personal Development 10.46 €
Career Coaching 8.96 €
Relationship Coaching 9.35 €
Work-Life Balance 6.35 €

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The relationship you have with yourself is the most significant one in your life.

As a professional Life Coach, with over 8 years of experience, I support people to heal, expand and grow in all areas of life.

If you are ready for change in one area of life or more, keep staying on my page!


My services:


-Goal Setting

- Motivation

- Replace self-defeating patterns and remove obstacles 

- Gather the resources you need to change

- Develop healthy coping mechanisms

- Learn to set healthy boundaries

- Boost your emotional intelligence

- Procrastination management

- Communication skills development

- Stress Management


Partner with me: 

- Designing a vision of the life you want, filled with growth

- Reveal your identity and core values

I'm here to help you finally turn your life around, to do right by yourself for success.


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Timéo Urbain

Timéo Urbain

Hi, I’m Timéo.

I’m a qualified Life Coach with a BSc in Psychology.

I’m passionate about supporting people to find joy and success whilst feeling connected in their relationships. With 8 + years of experience in the personal development industry, I’ve supported hundreds of people around the world to transform their lives and now my goal is to support you in creating a life you love.

I specialize in goal-setting, time management, and optimizing sleep & recovery. Having been involved in every bad Health habit and managing to turn it around inspired me to try and help other people reach their health goals too.

Your best self awaits you! 

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Mia Rodriguez

Mia Rodriguez

The life coaching sessions were insightful, but I didn't feel like they provided me with actionable steps to achieve my goals.

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