Hilbert Kasimir

Hilbert Kasimir

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Service Information


I am Hilbert Kasimir, your trusted Psychic and Experienced Astrologer.

My life's journey has been dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the universe and helping individuals like you find clarity, purpose, and alignment with the stars.


Offered services: 

  1. Love & Relationships
  2. Career & Finances 
  3. Marriage and partnerships
  4. Education and Learning
  5. Health and Well-being


What I'm good at:


  1. Astrological Insights: With years of experience in astrology, I offer profound insights into your birth chart, natal aspects, and transits, revealing the celestial blueprint that shapes your life's path.

  2. Psychic Intuition: As a psychic, I tap into intuitive realms to provide guidance, uncover hidden potentials, and offer spiritual counsel that extends beyond the boundaries of traditional astrology.

  3. Relationship Analysis: Specializing in synastry and compatibility analysis, I assist individuals and couples in understanding the dynamics of their relationships and making informed decisions.

  4. Life Path Guidance: My consultations provide clarity on your life's purpose, talents, and challenges, helping you navigate life's journey with confidence.

  5. Energy Healing: Beyond predictions, I offer energy healing techniques to help you align your energy, release blockages, and manifest your desires.



I have received extensive training in astrology and psychic development, earning certifications in both disciplines.


Work Experience:

I have:

  • Conducted thousands of astrological consultations, assisting clients worldwide.
  • Collaborated with individuals, couples, and businesses seeking astrological and psychic guidance.


Let me help you discover how astrology can unlock your potential.

If you're seeking guidance on how to live your best life, discover the moments in the year that will bring you the most success, and develop strong relationships, look no further. 

Hilbert Kasimir

Hilbert Kasimir

Hello, I'm Hilbert Kasimir, a Psychic and Experienced Astrologer.

With 5+ Years of Experience in Astrology and Psychic Readings, I specialize in Psychic Readings regarding - Career, Finance, Health, Love, Relationships, Marriage,  Education, and many more areas of life. 

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual awakening?

Contact me today to schedule a psychic or astrological consultation.

I will definitely help you to unravel your future and enlighten your path.

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Olivia Parker

Olivia Parker

The astrology reading was interesting, but I felt it was quite generic and didn't provide much insight into my specific situation.

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